Sometimes, a long rest or even a massage isn’t enough to soothe our bodies after a long day of stress, tension, and physical activity. You may have heard about whole-body cryo if you’re an athlete or suffer from an autoinflammatory disease. It’s a revolutionary treatment that’s much more effective than an ice bath. If you haven’t, C3 Aesthetics is here to tell you all about it and provide you with the best whole-body cryo services in North Texas. Contact us.

How Whole-Body Cryo Works

At C3 Aesthetics, we use a whole-body cryotherapy chamber for the treatment. This device exposes your body to extremely cold temperatures – between -170°F and -270°F – for up to three minutes. Once you step into the chamber monitored and regulated by one of our certified operators, your head remains raised above the nitrogen level to ensure maximum safety. You must also wear socks, slippers, and gloves.


During the session, your body will respond to the cold by constricting blood vessels and increasing circulation into the body’s core. This results in hyperoxygenation, where your cells receive an abundance of oxygen and nutrients. After you exit the chamber, your body will immediately start to dilate its blood vessels, allowing the nutrient-rich blood with oxygen to flow back into the extremities.

Benefits Of Whole-Body Cryo

Our whole-body cryo services aim to help you achieve maximum performance on and off the field. Some of the benefits include:


Improves Skin Tone & Skin Disorders

The cold temperatures reduce inflammation, improve skin tone, and even help clear skin disorders.


Decreases Recovery Time

Whole-body cryo speeds up the recovery process for athletes, reducing muscle soreness and allowing you to get back to your routine faster.


Increases Performance

The increased circulation and oxygen flow stimulate your muscles and strengthen them, allowing you to achieve peak performance.


Reduces Inflammation

The cold temperatures reduce inflammation and swelling in the body, making it an excellent option for those with arthritis or other autoinflammatory diseases.


Improved Mood

Cryotherapy can also reduce stress levels, boost the production of endorphins (the hormones responsible for happiness), and even help with anxiety.

Helps you Sleep Better

 Because the session helps relax your body and mind, it can help with insomnia and improve overall sleep quality.

Start Reaping The Benefits Of Whole-Body Cryo Today

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to improve your performance, reduce inflammation, and even help clear skin disorders? Then C3 Aesthetics’ whole-body cryo services in North Texas are for you. We want to be the name that comes to mind when you ask yourself, “where can I find the best whole-body cryo near me?”. Contact us today at (214) 457 3272 or visit our office at 2750 S Preston Rd. Celina, TX, and experience the benefits of this innovative treatment for yourself.


  • These memberships are mix and match. You can choose between Celluma LED Light Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Normatec Compression Therapy, Whole Body Cryotherapy, or Hydromassage.
  • All memberships require a 60-day commitment.
  • Unused sessions do not rollover.

We proudly provide our cryotherapy services to the communities in and around Prosper, Celina, Gunter, Denton, McKinney and Frisco, Texas.

Book an appointment today! Call or text: (214) 457-3272

Cryotherapy FAQ

What are the benefits for Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy provides a variety of benefits including reduced inflammation, reduced pain, reduced recovery time, improved mood, improved sleep, and helps the body heal faster.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the use of ultra cold temperatures to aid the body’s natural recovery process. The ultra cold temperatures elicit a systemic response in the body which brings fresh oxygen.

How often is Cryotherapy recommended?

To maximize the benefits of cryotherapy we recommend using cryotherapy 2-3 times per week.

How long does a Cryotherapy session last?

Cryotherapy sessions last between two and three and a half minutes.

Do Professional athletes use cryotherapy?

Yes, most professional and divisional I sports teams use Cryotherapy in their recovery rooms to ensure athletes heal faster and perform better.

Does Cryotherapy hurt?

No Cryotherapy is not painful. It is cold but it is more comfortable than an ice bath or cold plunge.

How does Cryotherapy compare to cold plunge?

Cryotherapy is much more effective than a cold plunge because the colder temperature elicits a more effective system response.

Is Cryotherapy more effective than an ice bath?

Yes, Cryotherapy is more effective than an ice bath. In addition, Cryotherapy is faster, allows for activities immediately after and has no risk of infection caused by dirty water.

How do I find a provider of Cryotherapy near me?

C3 aesthetics & Wellness provides Cryotherapy and has been for nearly nine years.      


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