Health Benefits

At c3 Aesthetics & Wellness, we take your beauty, health, and wellness seriously. You’ll find incredible benefits from our many different services.

Athletic Performance & Recovery

If you are a student athlete and professional athlete or a weekend warrior and want to perform your best, come to c3 Aesthetics & Wellness. Whole Body Cryotherapy, Compression therapy, Red light therapy, and Hydration & Vitamin IV drips will help repair your muscles and hydrate your body so you can recover quickly and perform at the highest level.

Health & Wellness

We are passionate about your health and wellness. At c3, we provide wellness and spa services that will help you reduce stress and inflammation, detoxify your body, sleep better, and increase energy with whole body cryotherapy, massage, Infrared Sauna, facials and Vitamin injections.

Pain Management & Injury Recovery

We specialize in pain management and injury recovery. Our cryotherapy, Normatec compression therapy,  and Celluma light therapy treatments help fight inflammation and reduce pain in target areas.

Improved Sleep, Mood, & Stress Management

c3 can help your reduce stress, sleep better and improve your mood. Our services like Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Signature Facial, Light Therapy and more all help trigger positive hormones in your brain – helping you feel your best and fight stress!

Weight Loss

We offer many different solutions to aid in your weight loss journey. c3 can help increase your metabolism, tighten loose skin and eliminate fat cells with our body sculpting and contouring, cryotherapy, HI-EMT, skinny shots,  IV Therapy, and more! For specific questions, give us a call!

Beauty & Anti-Aging

At c3 our amazing med spa services will help you look and feel beautiful. We will help you reduce wrinkles, the signs of aging, improve your skin tone, increase collagen production and add volume to problem areas with  Botox, Filler, Cryo Facial, Facials, IV Vitamins, Diamond Glow Facial, Dermaplaning, PRP, RF Microneedling, CO2 Skin Resurfacing (Coolpeel), and more.

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