Benefits of IV Hydration

Hydration is one of the most important aspects of health and wellness. Worryingly, though, up to 75% of American adults suffer from chronic dehydration. If you are one of them, IV hydration could be one of the most effective ways to restore normality and supercharge your well-being.

C3 Aesthetics & Wellness’ team of highly trained and experienced professionals can administer a range of IV drip and immunity drip solutions to transform your health for the better. Here’s all you need to know about why it is the perfect choice.

What is IV Hydration?

IV hydration, otherwise known as intravenous hydration therapy, is a service in which vitamins and nutrients are directly administered into the bloodstream via an intravenous drip. Its purpose is to support optimal body function and performance. Meanwhile, its effects have gained huge popularity with celebrities, athletes, and Hollywood’s elite – although services like ours make it one of the most affordable and accessible wellness treatments available.

The use of an IV drip in its current form first entered the arena in the 1960s thanks to Dr John Myers (the Myers drip remains one of the most popular options to this day), although a form of IV therapy was used in WWI and actually has a long history dating back to the 17th century.

IV hydration always includes a combination of fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants. However, the exact ingredients used can be altered to provide a range of distinct solutions.

IV Hydration Options

Who is IV Hydration for?

While IV hydration therapy has become the latest craze among high-net-worth individuals, its benefits can be enjoyed by anyone who is dehydrated (either chronically or temporarily). Individuals with kidney diseases or diabetes may be particularly good candidates for an IV drip. In truth, though, there are a variety of concoctions available suited for people in varying situations. Popular solutions include; 

    • Athlete’s Drip
    • Beauty Drip
    • Energy Drip
    • Hangover Drip
    • Immunity Drip
    • Myers Drip
    • Libido Drip
    • Migraine Recovery Drip
    • Weight Management Drip

So, as well as potential medical uses, IV drip solutions can be ideal for overcoming temporary issues or providing a boost to the body’s performance and general immunity.

The Benefits of IV Hydration

An IV drip for nutrition and hydration signifies a fantastic investment in your health and wellness. Before making that investment, though, you will rightly want to know the reasons for doing so. Here are some of the key benefits to consider.

Fast Action

One of the chief benefits of IV hydration is this method of administering vitamins and fluids allows them to bypass the digestive system. So, they will be absorbed much faster than traditional vitamins, which can take hours to reach the bloodstream. In fact, when taking vitamins orally for general health, it can be weeks or months before you notice a difference.

Convenient Treatment

As well as the faster absorption rates, it should be noted that the treatment itself is very convenient. IV drip treatments typically take between 30 and 45 minutes. So, even with the signing-in process when you arrive at the wellness spa, you can complete the process in around one hour. Better still, their fast action is supported by the benefits of zero downtime.

Better Results

The speed of action is certainly a beneficial factor, especially when struggling with issues like migraines or hangovers. Perhaps more importantly, though, directing vitamins directly to the bloodstream means that a greater percentage can be absorbed. So, you will actively gain far better results than any treatments administered orally or through alternative methods.


Increased Overall Wellness

While the different nutrients and vitamins can influence the body in different ways, the inclusion of water and fluids allows IV hydration to enhance your general well-being. This is because the effects of dehydration include headaches, fatigue, dizziness, a dry cough, low blood pressure, loss of appetite, flushed skin, muscle cramps, and constipation 

Tailored Solutions

The aforementioned variety of IV drip solutions, ranging from the immunity drip to the hangover drip highlight how you can see personalized benefits. IV drips that contain vitamin C and Zinc boost immunity while Vitamin B and amino acids aid energy levels. Meanwhile, the water in IV hydration fights fatigue, headaches, and other issues linked to dehydration.

Tailored Volumes

While the side effects of IV hydration treatments are limited to bruising and swelling at the site of insertion, there is little point in receiving excessive amounts of nutrients and hydration. After all, the body can only absorb so much. Unlike tablets, for example, that are manufactured to set amounts, the IV drip can be administered to the desired quantities.

Choice of Frequency

Some health and wellness treatments require a long-term commitment, which can be problematic for logistical and financial reasons. With an immunity drip or hydration drip, you may decide to have a single session. Conversely, though, many patients opt for regular treatments either as a part of their routine health maintenance or as required.


In addition to being a safe option in terms of the direct effects, IV hydration does not stand in the way of using other treatments. So, you could use a beauty drip shortly after an airbrush tanning service. Similarly, if using weight loss IV drips, you can continue to follow whatever nutrition plans you wish to use for ongoing and sustained results.

Mental Health Benefits

Mental Health Benefits

Nutrients like taurine and magnesium are actively shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. When combined with the close links between physical and mental health, IV hydration therapy can be one of the most effective ways to give your mental health a quick lift. After all, it is very difficult to feel mentally happy when you do not feel 100% physically.


Many people who seek a little extra help with their health, wellness, or appearance prefer an inconspicuous treatment. IV hydration services are quick, convenient, and will leave no obvious signs to friends or colleagues. Better still, the benefits start internally, although issues like increased energy will subsequently show in your appearance too. Perfect. 


The importance of hydration means that it cannot be overlooked for a second. Whether used as a one-time solution to self-inflicted dehydration or as an ongoing treatment for enhanced wellness, IV hydration is the perfect choice for guaranteed and noticeable results.

To discuss the options or book an appointment today, get in touch with our experts now.



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